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The most common cause of hematomyelia is spinal cord injury and damage to the spinal vessels in spinal fractures. In second place are arteriovenous malformations of the vessels of the spinal cord, in which hematomyelia develops as a result of desyrel and rupture of the altered vascular wall.

More rare causes of hematomyelia include pathological changes in blood vessels in systemic vasculitis, disorders in hemorrhagic diathesis (thrombocytopenic purpura, hemorrhagic vasculitis, etc.), destruction of desyrel pills by a growing tumor of the spinal cord. In some cases, hematomyelia occurs as a complication of medical procedures. epidural anesthesia or lumbar puncture.

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The factors contributing to the development of hematomyelia in neurology include severe somatic diseases (cirrhosis of the liver, decompensated hypertension, chronic renal failure, etc.), atherosclerosis, alcoholism, diseases with convulsive syndrome (epilepsy, encephalitis, meningitis, brain abscess, severe influenza).

The clinical picture of hematomyelia depends on the level of damage to buy trazodone online cord and the size of the hemorrhage. Usually there is a sudden development of symptoms with an injury or after significant physical exertion (straining, lifting weights). In connection with the development of an aseptic inflammatory reaction, hematomyelia can occur with a rise in temperature in the first few days after hemorrhage. Most often, with hematomyelia, damage to the posterior horns of the spinal cord is noted, which is manifested by a violation of pain and temperature sensitivity while maintaining tactile and deep sensitivity, the pathways of which are located in the white matter of the posterior columns.

With damage to the anterior horns of the spinal cord, peripheral (flaccid) paralysis develops, accompanied by a decrease in muscle tone, prolapse of tendon reflexes and atrophic muscle changes. The defeat of the conductive pyramidal tract leads to the appearance of trazodone cheap (spastic) paralysis below the level of the lesion, which is characterized by an increase in muscle tone and tendon reflexes. Depending on the prevalence of hematomyelia, sensory and motor disorders can be unilateral or bilateral.

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Hematomyelia of the lower cervical segments (CV-CVII) and upper thoracic (ThI-ThII) is manifested by peripheral paresis in the arms and central paresis in the legs, sensory disorders and urination disorders. Miosis, drooping of the upper eyelid, and enophthalmos (Horner's syndrome) may occur. Radicular pain is given to the upper limbs.

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Hematomyelia at the level of the upper cervical segments of the spinal cord (CI-CIV) is distinguished by the spastic nature of paresis both in the upper and lower extremities. This is accompanied by a violation of urination according to the central type, i.e., urinary retention with intermittent incontinence. Possible radicular pain (sciatica) with irradiation to the back of the head.

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The upper part of the neck, affecting the vertebrae from the first to the fourth. In this zone, with hemorrhage, the arms and legs are paralyzed, and muscle tone increases. Urination has failures. incontinence and urinary retention alternate. In the cervical region, pain is felt, passing to order trazodone pills.

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The lower region of the neck from the fifth to the seventh vertebrae. The hemorrhage also causes paralysis of the arms and legs with failure to urinate. Additionally, the upper eyelid is lowered and the most painful areas of the patient are the upper limbs and neck. The area of the chest where the hemorrhage causes paralysis of the legs, failures in urination, sciatica with acute pain. Belt zone. The entry of blood into the spinal cord in this area disrupts the functioning of the lower extremities and takes away sensitivity.

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Legs and perineum respond painfully. Sacrum. Disorders in this part of trazodone pills are responsible for soreness of the perineum, incontinence during urination and defecation. Method for determining hemorrhage.

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To accurately determine the diagnosis, examinations are carried out to confirm or refute the presence of violations. The most common. The sooner a diagnosis can be made, the more successful the treatment will be. An important point is not to miss the beginning of the death of nerve cells. If the process is started, the chances of a full recovery are reduced. Methods for the treatment of hemorrhage.

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There are a number of diseases that are similar in symptoms to buy desyrel. For the first couple of months after hematomyelia, the patient should remain in bed. Vigorous activity is forbidden so that the vessel does not rupture another time.

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In the acute period, treatment is conservative. To thicken the blood and accelerate its clotting, special medications are prescribed, for example, vikasol in the first days after an injury or desyrel pills.

The main course for healing after hematomyelia consists of several drugs.

Galantamine is prescribed to improve the transmission of impulses from muscles to nervous tissue and, conversely, to increase tone. Drugs that dilate blood vessels, such as bendazole, to prevent an increase in pressure and another hemorrhage. Medicines that affect the rate of recovery of nerve cells are nootropics. Antibiotics, whose task is to prevent infections such as cystitis or pneumonia.

Within two months, massage and physiotherapy exercises are prescribed, they make sure that there are no bedsores.

If a patient has a hematoma that occupies a significant area or an arteriovenous malformation is diagnosed, these are the reasons for surgical intervention. It consists in removal of hematoma, lemmenectonia, clipping, etc. Forecasts in the elimination of the consequences of hematomyelia and complications.

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The condition itself does not lead to death, with rare exceptions when the defeat of the cervical region causes an ascending edema. With timely diagnosis and compliance with the prescribed measures, it is possible to fully restore body functions and reduce symptoms as early as on the seventh to tenth day. However, complex cases can lead to disability.